Alpine Investment Group is a commercial real estate investment firm, that invests in multiple property types throughout the inter-mountain west region of the United States. Through attentive asset management and investment services we offer our clients the wealth preservation and passive income generation they seek for long-term financial stability. Typically, the partners of Alpine Investment Group invest alongside our clients in each venture, resulting in careful due diligence, alignment of interests, long-term focus and personal commitment to the success of each of our properties.

The firm’s philosophy of investing in people — its employees, partners and business associates – has helped it achieve significant growth over the life of the company. Cultivating lasting and solid relationships with institutional investors and lenders has established Alpine’s position in its markets.

The firm vigilantly maintains and grows a pipeline of new investment and development opportunities. We identify target properties through careful market analysis, ensuring that whatever we’re looking at buying won’t become victim to another property being developed at a price that would allow the new property to underprice our own.

All of our investments are designed to ensure stable cash flow at a preferred rate to our equity investors. By placing favorable leverage on our properties, we are able to achieve higher yields for our investors, all while enjoying the depreciation and interest deductions that real estate investing provides.

Alpine is located in Sun Valley, Idaho.

“Alpine has a solid track record of success, allowing investors to participate in an investment vehicle that is transparent, offers outsized returns with mitigated risk, where Alpine’s interests are financially aligned with our investors.”  – Michael Page, Alpine Investment Group