Alpine Investment Group provides a unique approach to real estate investment management. We partner with our clients by investing alongside them in each venture.  This partnership aligns our interests and commitment to the success of all of our investments.

Unlike other boutique real estate investment firms whose business model incents them to generate fees, especially in the early stages of a deal, Alpine only succeeds if the project succeeds throughout its life cycle. This structure creates a focus on a long horizon and consistent returns.

Alpine is vertically integrated beginning with deal sourcing, and continuing through capital raising, deal structuring, asset management, and property management.  This integration allows us to provide our services at a significant discount to other real estate investment firms. By investing capital alongside our investors, we ensure that the management approach applied to our deals puts the investor’s interests first. We are proud of our track record, which has produced healthy financial returns for our investors.

Our experienced team of talented financial and real estate professionals offer a unique and distinctive mix of services:

  • Syndication /Fund: Alpine provides accredited investors, family offices, and institutional funds with opportunities to acquire interests in commercial real estate.  Investments are structured to provide attractive current returns while growing capital through multiple market cycles.  As the sponsor, Alpine or its affiliates typically purchase between ten to twenty percent of any offering.
  • Deal Structuring: Alpine has a proven structure that we have applied to every project completed to date. It has reliably provided a stated preferred return to investors, while allowing management participation. Alpine has successfully restructured inherited deals to facilitate capital injections, and has found individualized solutions to every challenge.
  • Capital Acquisition: Alpine has successfully acquired over  $100 million in real estate assets.  Every project we have brought to market has been funded without fail. Most of our investors are returning clients, and, thanks to our track record, frequently request to invest more money than our deals can accommodate.
  • Asset Management: As asset managers, Alpine takes a broad and long view in assessing the management decisions (refinancing, tenant mix, capital projects, disposition, etc.) associated with any given property. Market conditions, investor appetite and capital environment are all considered at every juncture. Since Alpine is invested alongside them, our clients know that we will craft investment opportunities with an eye to the future as well as immediate success.
  • Property Management: Our portfolio of properties benefit from professional, hands-on management to ensure the strength of the investment remains throughout the ownership of the property.  We believe in a dynamic approach in order to accommodate the needs of any given project at any given time.
  • Leasing: By utilizing a combination of in house and third party leasing we focus on protecting the interest of our owners and the long term success of our projects.